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Warmly celebrate the Weifang Tailai Steel Structure Engineering Co., Ltd. the construction of Shandong Huajian aluminum reception center pas

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Passive house is a super low energy building originated from Germany. Its energy-saving technology is the world's leading and has a history of more than 20 years in Germany. The passive room advocates the organic combination of energy saving, comfort, economy and architectural aesthetics. Using excellent heat preservation, good air tightness, passive doors and windows, high efficiency new wind recovery device and natural heat, it keeps the most suitable temperature and humidity of the human body (temperature 18 C -26, phase to humidity 40%-60%) and effectively controls PM2.5 and CO2 And VOC content to maintain good indoor air quality. In winter, the heat load is PH<10W/, the cooling load in summer is PK<10W/, and the energy saving is more than 92%.
Weifang Tailai Steel Structure Engineering Co., Ltd. began to study passive building technology since 2015. At present, 4 people have obtained the qualification certificate of PHI passive house designer in Germany. Under the guidance of Professor Kauffman of the German passive house Institute in November 2016, with the China construction aluminum group, the thin steel light steel in the Mount Huangshan reception center was started. The design and construction of the moving house. The project is divided into reception hall, banquet hall, kitchen and reception hall. Six reception rooms apply for PHI certification in Germany. The main body of the reception hall is thin-walled light steel structure. The project is designed strictly in accordance with the requirements of the German passive housing standard. The drawings are strictly examined by PHI. All the materials used are certified and approved by PHI. The windows of Milan, Huada doors and windows are all PHI certified passive doors and windows, and many other materials are imported from Germany through PHI authentication. . In the construction of the project, Linqu County Housing Construction Bureau, Shandong Hua Jian aluminum industry group, China Germany GL company, ZEHNDER new wind, Milan window, Huada windows and windows, and the easy EOS doors and windows and other units of support and assistance.
German experts came to the final building air tightness acceptance of the project on 05 -9 November 2017. In the process of acceptance, German experts gave full affirmation and high evaluation to the design and construction of the project. The results of the test results all reached the PHI air tightness acceptance standard and passed the acceptance, which marked the first in the world. PHI certified thin-walled light steel passive house was born in Mount Huangshan reception center of Shandong Huajian aluminum group. Here, Weifang Tailai Steel Structure Engineering Co., Ltd. will give great support to the Linqu County residential construction bureau, Linqu County Enterprise Promotion Council, Linqu County Enterprise Promotion Association, Shandong Hua Jian aluminum industry group, Germany passive Housing Institute, Sino German GL company, the window of Beijing Milan, Huada doors and windows, the EOS doors and windows, the provincial decoration companies and the society. My friends expressed their heartfelt thanks. Share with each other.
Developing passive ultra low energy consumption green building is the only way for China and human sustainable development. Weifang Tailai Steel Structure Engineering Co., Ltd. is determined to take this opportunity as an opportunity to conscientiously implement the spirit of building beautiful China in the nineteen major reports of the party, summing up experience, finding out the shortcomings, and promoting and developing the passive house. Make a positive contribution.


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